The World's Most Versatile Microphone

We’re building the future of sound recording

The ActionMic is the world’s first waterproof, wearable, wireless, self-recording microphone designed from the ground up to capture beautiful sound in all conditions, from the surf to the studio.

The product of 6 years of groundbreaking research at Melbourne’s RMIT University, the ActionMic uses a groundbreaking new microphone capsule design, super-smart on-board DSP, and a revolutionary mountable/wearable design.

Whether you’re an athlete, filmmaker, musician, or just want to have fun with sound, the ActionMic can go where no microphone has gone before…and that’s just the beginning


We’ve conducted extensivie research on recording athletes, from surfers to endurance cyclists to team athletes. If you’re an athlete, the ActionMic lets you quickly and easily:

  • Capture the intensity of your experiences to share with others
  • Waterproof to 20m using our waterproof cap.
  • Auto-mix and auto-sync eliminates time spent in post-production.
  • Attach to your body or equipment with a variety of tool-free mounts
  • Up your training in new ways, whether in solo or team sports.

The ActionMic is a perfect companion to your Action Cam, Mobile device


Amplify your video productions in new ways. We understand that sound is half the story, and its often a major hassle. The ActionMic can:

  • Clip on to talent in seconds using the tool-free clip mount.
  • Reject clothing, wind, and contact noise effortlessly.
  • Record an ultra-wide dynamic range so you’ll never worry about distortion and clipping.
  • Use our mobile app for live monitoring and control.
  • Auto-sync between mics or with your camera for one-click post-production multi-cam.

The ActionMic makes it possible for a one-person crew to capture professional quality sound – and actually have fun doing it.


Music is in our DNA – its how we started making microphones. The ActionMic lets you create without boundaries:

  • Record beautiful sound on-the-go, to our built-in flash memory, our mobile app, Garageband, or many other apps
  • Use two ActionMics to create a point-to-point low-latency high quality link for live applications.
  • Use our instrument mounts and removable filters for indoor/outdoor flexibility
  • Explore new worlds of sound using the ActionMic’s innovative Multi-capsule design.

From living room sessions to demanding studio settings, the ActionMic delivers clear and beautiful audio.